Western Union Transfer Tool

Western Union Hack

Safe transfers made via western union exchange scripts.

All monetary transfers make use of dedicated networks which are called Exchange Servers. Each transfer system has its own exchange server. What we do is we buy exchange logs from darkweb gurus called exchangers and we use these logs through extensive techniques to hack through these transfer services and make 100% safe transfers to you.  Once you make your request/order and pay the corresponding fee payment to the darkweb exchangers, they would provide us the logs and other tools we need, and we would use it to complete the hack within 45 minutes – 3 hours depending on server response time.  After this is done, a successful transfer which is totally safe would be made to you. We would then send you the cash out details and MTCN (reference number) for verification purposes necessary for funds pickup.

MoneyGram Hack

Safe transfers made via moneygram exchange scripts.

MONEYGRAM HACKS IS ALSO AVAILABLE!!! We also have access to the moneygram database and can send clean funds to you on request. The guidelines is same as western union hack and has the same level of results and security precaustions to ensure your safety. Ensure to contact us to learn more on how to get yours!


After we confirm payment, the waiting time is 1-2 hours then you get MTCN + all details for you to cash out.

NOTE: We don’t give test transfers and we don’t work on percentage with first time customers.

Procedure : Follow these steps to get money!!!

Analyze and Choose Plan

Select your Plan and Price that Best suits or fits your needs from the Price List Table below and choose your best plan.


Contact Us through our details provided on the contact page with your Order details to discuss how to make the necessary payment.

Hacker's Hack

After making the necessary payment for the purchase of the scripts necessary to fo the hack, the hack team would schedule and do your hacked transfer.

Get Paid

Once your order is completed and hack done, you will be notified…then you can go to your nearest Western Union/Moneygram/RIA Agent to pick up your money



EMAIL: intellectualwebs@gmail.com

Hangouts: intellectualwebs@gmail.com

WhatsApp: …


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For any other enquiries, Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


You can read below what some of our customers have to say or you can also leave a comment below and we will get back to you within 24hrs.


  1. Darren Engelhardt

    Hello team

    I emailed you this morning for the western union transfers cloud you please revert back to that

  2. Geneva G. Jones

    I need western union transfers but I have only $200 in my bitcoin
    Please can you help ? I need it urgently Thanks

  3. Does this work? Next work month so I know how to contact? Got know money for the payment now next month I will pay

  4. Intellectualwebs website I need your help on my financial issues but $300! Is so high for me to pay

  5. Jeffery Stacks

    I need a minimum transfers of $500 for $5000 we like us to begin with the transfers today 🇦🇺

  6. Thanks for your services it has been really helpful to me,my life has turned around for the best since i started working with you guys I’m forever grateful

  7. Wow! I never knew i could come in contact with such a legit and transparent site online I thought it was a scam at first but you really proved my wrong thank you for such great services you offer

  8. I’m grateful i have successfully tracked my money on WU you guy are the best you offer such good services

  9. Bashiru Rahim

    I have finally been paid thanks guys for your good work i thought it was a joke at first until i got credited thanks once again

  10. Johnson prosper

    It’s been so good working with you guys i have been receiving series of alert that’s so great

  11. I just received the $10,000 now from you i really appreciate, i can’t believe i just got a successful hack done for the first time

  12. Patricia R. White

    Hey intellectualwebs,
    I was just recommend on youtube by name james.
    I’m interested with the western union transaction

  13. i need help plz i have 2 kids and a month late on my rent with noway to pay it just yet cause my ex just left us, im not asking for alot just a little. if you can really do what you say then it shouldnt be a problem. i will do anything

  14. I never believe on online stuff before,but since when I came across this service ,they changed my life .am now living in wealth am grateful

  15. Lindsey Yates

    I’m so happy to have benefited from this platform, your services are really lives changing, it took me from nothing to something . Now i have my own business and i’m living good with my family . Thanks so much intellectual i will forever remain indebted to your team

  16. Sara T. Oakes

    I can’t imagine life without intellectwebscom they have really helped my situations so many times much love for you

  17. Thank you so much, intellectwebscom for saving me in the hands of frauds, I’m really grateful, I will continue too tell the wow world more about you.

  18. Are which I new, I would have been, doing deal with you guys, you guys just brought me out of suffering, I really appreciate your service, intellectwebs

  19. Edward P. Snyder

    This is the right place, 😯not like those fake hacker on instagram and telegram, sir I really own you thanks……….

  20. Cassandra E. Colby

    No issue whosoever doing this with Intellectwebs his ultimate if the world truly has more people like him it would definitely be a better place in Life, thanks for the transfer, you guys are awesome

  21. Alphonso K. William

    Glory be too God, I am now in my new house 🏡, sounds great, Intellectwebs, has done it for me

  22. Hello 👋 I saw your recommended on youtube, so how can will start with the western union transfer of $3,100, Thanks

  23. Yo how can I start explaining my happy too you guys, you just did a miracle in my life, you, just got a hack of $50,000, what a surprise

  24. What a surprise ☺️ I was so shoked when I saw the western union hack transfer on my notification, you guys are extremely the best ever

  25. Gerald D. Johnson

    Oh my God, I saw this guy’s recommend on youtube, and I deal with them, I just received my payment out, just this moment, I can’t believe this 😮😮, am so surprised.

  26. I just got credited of the $5,000 i requested you guys to do for me yesterday thanks, you’re the best ever

  27. Mary W. Williams

    The world would be better place for where more people like Intellectwebs is I will never forget you sir, thanks for the payment.

  28. Edward C. Parks

    Words can’t explain how happy I am. Thank you very much sir i just received my payment though a PayPal hack transfer

  29. Linda R. Walther

    Yo, I met you yesterday, and I just received my funds today, I really appreciate the $15,000 you sent too me today, it came at the right time.

  30. Tyrone R. Clark

    Oh men, this guy’s you are fucking real, you are real men, I just confirmed my payout last night on my cashapp account. Thanks men.

  31. Robert K. Macon

    Hi, am new here, I saw your recommended on youtube, today, I love too invest with you guys, hope you are there.

  32. Am lucky too have you guys as team, you’ve , done a great job for me, thanks you, and may God bless your teams, INTELLECTWEB

  33. Hello I want too invest with you guys , I have been scammed so many times, please I saw your platform on YouTube, Thanks.

  34. Hi👋 am Christian from USA , I saw someone recommended you one YouTube this morning so I decided too chat you up, I am ready too start with $350, how do will begin??

  35. Hello there I’m interested in joining intellectwebs I came across other users comments thanking intellectwebs

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